Our Story.

During their time at university, Luke Lewis founders Adam and Luke had an idea. That idea grew into a passion that has bled into every aspect of the business they run today. 

While receiving higher education in Music Production, Adam and Luke decided to take the transferable skills they were picking up in class, and apply them to a different industry. They hit the books, learning everything they could about editing, cinematography and marketing, and investing every penny they had in developing a filmography outfit. 

At Luke Lewis Productions, they specialise in creating exciting and engaging audio visual content and photography for businesses large and small. Their passion and dedication to their craft can be seen in every project they undertake; from food photography, to music video production, entire brand launches, or event videos, Luke Lewis want to help you connect with the people that matter.

Luke Wiggs

Luke Wiggs.

Luke is the co-founder and creative director of Luke Lewis Productions. A self-taught cinematographer with a first class degree in Music Technology, Luke’s background in music shines through in his video work. His workflow is precise, fluid and rhythmic; he creates content that is both modern and unique, yet still personable. He is also a keen photographer and traveller who gathers inspiration from cultures and landscapes the world over, which helps him to improve the content he creates and stay on the cutting-edge of visual trends and styles.

Luke serves as conceptual and on-set creative director, ensuring that a fresh, succinct creative vision is kept throughout each project. He is eager to capture the passion and drive of the clients he works with, so that their love for what they do can be expressed in his own creative work.

Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

Adam is the co-founder and Executive Producer for Luke Lewis Productions. Adam also comes from a background in music, having received classical training in trumpet from an early age, as well as a degree in Music Production. As a self-taught photographer and film-maker, he has explored and honed his craft during university, developing a structured workflow to suit clients.

Adam draws inspiration from the great outdoors, and this has fed into his passion for photography. His role as executive producer has him overseeing the most minute details and inner workings of each project, ensuring that the finished article is presented on time, with efficiency and a smile.