These Terms and Conditions shall apply to the provision of services by LUKE LEWIS LTD trading as Luke Lewis Productions to their client.


(1) Definitions 


1. “Client” - Means any individual, firm or corporate body who purchases services from Luke Lewis Productions.


2. “Services” - Means the services to be provided by Luke Lewis Productions to the client as set out in the agreed project schedule.


3. “Amendments” - Refers to any additional changes at Luke Lewis Productions have to make to the clients video on top of those already agreed upon in the Project Proposal document. Amendments will always come at an extra cost unless stated and agreed otherwise prior to the projects commencement date.


4. “Commencement Date” - Refers to the date which the client agrees to hire the services of Luke Lewis Productions( Outlined on the Project Proposal Document, signed by the client in agreement of the project).


5. “Terms of Payment” - Means the terms of payment of fees as set out in the terms and conditions.



(2) Services


  1. With effect from the commencement date Luke Lewis Productions shall provide the services to the client as agreed prior meetings and agreement to both creative document and quotation for work.

  2. It is the clients responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions, to facilitate this the client must provide all the materials and resources needed by Luke Lewis Productions, which will form part of the final production adhering to the deadline.


3. Should the project scope change and these changes be agreed in writing between Luke Lewis Productions and the client, a new Project Proposal will be submitted.


4. No Liability will be accepted by Luke Lewis Productions for and delays or failure to deliver the agreed products if caused by any element which is the clients responsibility.


5. After the agreement( payment of first invoice) of the project, we offer a 24hour period in which the client may cancel. Cancellation after that time may incur a fee.


(3) Payment


  1. All payments are to be made within 14 days of the date of the relevant invoice in pounds sterling (GBP) by bank transfer. Payments shall be made in the following agreed stages otherwise stated by Luke Lewis Productions.


2. The first deposit payment is non-refundable.


3. Luke Lewis Productions reservers the right to stop or postpone delivery of the project if payment is overdue.


4. Expenses may be requested before project commences.


5. No refunds after work is complete and Luke Lewis Productions have received final agreed payment.


(4) Variation & Amendments


  1. If the client wishes to change any details of the project they must notify Luke Lewis Productions in writing(email is allowable) as soon as possible. Luke Lewis Productions shall make the changes required - any additional costs thereby incurred shall be invoiced separately. 


2. In the circumstance beyond Luke Lewis Productions control, if Luke Lewis Productions have to make any changes in the arrangements relating to the provision of the services, it shall notify the client immediately.



(5) Liability and Intellectual Property


  1. Luke Lewis Productions shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from loss of profits, revenue, contracts or any other direct loss resulting from any work provided by the company, as all works are subject to being signed off as satisfactory by the client. 


2. Luke Lewis Productions gives the client all rights to the full edited video upon completion. Luke Lewis Productions will hold the rights for all original material and is permitted to be used in any other production service unless stated.


3. Luke Lewis Productions may use all the footage captured as promotional and marketing material for itself.


4. Luke Lewis Productions will add its own accreditation to any work produced on any format unless by prior agreement with the client.